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10 Benefits of Consistent, High-Quality Content Marketing

Content marketing is a valuable tool for businesses and has shown proven success in a competitive B2B marketing world. It is a critical method for the majority of businesses in order to increase audience engagement, develop brand presence, and drive sales. It is considered a top priority for approximately 80% of marketers and accounts for about 26% of marketing budgets for B2B. Some of the top benefits associated with content marketing include returning customers, better traction on social media, a trusting audience, and generating more and better leads.

Key Takeaways:

  • One of the reasons why content marketing is so important, is because it is a really good way to establish the presence of your brand.
  • For companies that use business to business marketing, almost 30 percent of their budgets are for content marketing.
  • When content remains consistent, this can add to the credibility and trusts that customers feel towards your company.

“In this competitive B2B marketing landscape, businesses make substantial investments in building content marketing programs.Why? Content marketing has been proven to deliver resounding success.”

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