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Content Globalization: 5 Guidelines to Avoid Pitfalls & Scale Content

Through the use of the internet, any company is able to use marketing to reach the entire world. But when marketing on a global level, there are things that need to happen for it to be successful. It is more than just translating the words on a website into different languages. There are five common problems that companies face when trying to market globally. One problem is failing to remember the differences in cultures, and taking that into consideration when creating content.

Key Takeaways:

  • When a company is trying to create an international marketing campaign, there are five different problems that often come up.
  • When creating content, it is important to balance staying creative and efficiently disseminating the information.
  • When creating marketing on an international level, it is important to remember the important aspects of the different cultures that you’re marketing to.

“The Internet makes it possible for any company to market to a global audience, but it’s not easy to do global marketing successfully. Getting the right marketing content to potential customers worldwide is beyond simply translating it from one language to another.”

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