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We Do Just One Thing
But We Do It Better Than Anyone Else!

Unlike most agencies, we are not “full service”. We don’t do everything (but poorly), we don’t do custom work we have to make-up as we go and fix-up later, and we don’t do “fad work” just because we could. Instead, we’ve honed our skills in a single area of expertise and from that created a small number of proven services that have unfailingly provided massive outcomes for our clients.

Specifically, our focus is providing Comprehensive Content Marketing Solutions for smaller online businesses. Our specialty is physical e-commerce, but over the years we’ve assisted businesses of nearly every sort to grow and prosper. It is in the nature of what we do, that nearly all industries and business models will benefit, but there are some exceptions, so no one becomes a client until we’re certain we can deliver.

We have three standard service offerings that proceed from basic content marketing to more advanced services as your firm grows. 

  • At level 1, we use organic search and social media, to drive qualified traffic at a price not previously achievable. This provides the solid foundation you need for the rest of your online marketing.
  • Our level 2 conversion service seeks to monetize your reach on social media with campaigns designed to drive sales.  Of course, we all want more sales, so it would be no surprise if you were attracted to this service, but without first driving traffic and brand awareness as we do at level 1, you would be operating at a grave disadvantage.
  • With our Level 3 program, we’ll extend our traffic and selling campaigns to exponentially grow your income from email. Email marketing is the pinnacle of online marketing, and by leveraging our other services, we’re able to provide great results and a breakthrough price.


Service Level 1:
Search and Social Traffic

Getting a growing stream of qualified prospects to visit your site, experience your brand, and view your offers is the LIFEBLOOD of every business. Content Marketing is how we make that happen.  Why?  Because we agree with Seth Godin: “Content Marketing is the only marking left”.

The online buyer today is a smart cookie: they know they have choices, so they shop around, they do their research, and they carefully select vendors based upon how well the vendor represent themselves online, especially on social media.  They also expect to see you ranking in Google search.  Of course, they don’t understand the technical reasons, but they’ll always consider it suspicious if they don’t find you.  For these two reasons alone, you must be doing content marketing today at least as a defensive move.

But it gets better. By posting and promoting content relevant and valuable to your target market, your prospects come to view you and your brand as a thought leader and trusted advisor.  This creates a “brand halo” and a sense of trust in your prospect’s mind that will place you far ahead of your competition when they get ready to make a buying decision.

The Changes We Will Make in Your Business

You will have an active and growing social presence; freshly updated relevant SEO content on your blog; a steadily increasing stream of prequalified traffic; growth in retargeting audiences for use in further marketing campaigns; and increased brand awareness and market authority.

Here’s How We’ll Make That Happen

  • We create, post, and promote three levels of content to grow your audience, engage new prospects, attract search traffic, and build your brand
  • We manage all aspects of your Facebook marketing including funnel setup and optimization of your ad budget (capped by an amount you specify)
  • This is a white-glove, 100% Done-for-You service.  We’ll report (growing) performance each month and make recommendations for further growth

This is a Foundational Service that is
Essential for Every Online Business!

Traffic is the lifeblood of every online business and getting more of it at a price you can afford is absolutely essential.

  • If you are not regularly publishing new content, you will continue to fall further and further behind in search.
  • If you are not effective at growing your business with Facebook advertising, you are missing the single best marketing and selling platform of our time!
  • If prospects can’t find you and don’t come to know and value your brand before they are ready to buy, you are selling at a huge disadvantage.

Don’t let this be you.  We can fix all of that in 4 weeks or less!  Book a time to find out how.


Service Level 2:
Social Media Selling

We are not the only agency that builds and tests selling messages on social media. In fact, we’re one of only a very few social marketing agencies that does anything except that! But with all due respect, they simply don’t understand social media!

Social media is a uniquely powerful platform, but most people – even many “experts” – are naive about how to best use that power. This leads to lower returns for their clients. I hope you’re not one of them. 🙁

In a head-to-head test comparing our system to a widely reported industry average, we got 3.5 times more traffic per dollar spent. That’s an average across many different business types and industries, so “your mileage will differ”, but we will always beat the simplistic approaches that are the standard for marketing agencies today.

The Changes We Will Make in Your Business

Our focus is on increasing sales that can be traced to Facebook ads, but you will simultaneously see an increase in non-Facebook sales, because accurate “source attribution” today is nearly to achieve. Yes, the iOS updates are indeed part of that. There are some clever ways to mitigate that, but here’s a dirty little secret: if is possible for an agency to get better tracking, but the technique might lower total performance for the client.

Using our service, you will experience the greatest increase in total sales we can manage, even if it is not all attributable to our campaigns.

Here’s How We’ll Make That Happen

  • Create custom ads to drive traffic to your best performing or most important offer pages
  • Manage your ad spend (within your stated budget) to drive the most sales possible
  • Test new audiences (“horizontal scaling”)
  • Review and refresh ads weekly (to avoid “ad exhaustion”)
  • Test 2-4 new ads per month while continuing to run the best performers
  • Make data-based recommendations for offer page additions and changes

And of course, each month we’ll report what we did for you and outline the plan for next month.

Why Everyone Should Add This Service

Our (level 1) foundation service creates a hugely powerful asset!. Wouldn’t it be a shame not to capitalize on this! 🙂 Sure, your competition is likely promoting selling messages now. Maybe you are too, or maybe you’re not. Either way, I bet neither of you is building targeted audiences, using those audiences with different ads, or (most important!) using audience exclusions to control Facebook’s ad robot.


Service Level 3:
Email List Nurturing

Email marketing remains the single highest valued marketing method available today, but it can only be effective once the traffic and selling systems are in place and showing results.  Plus, to have an email list, you need a way to grow that list, so you might need to first talk to us about creating a list building system for you.

I’m sure you’ve heard that “the money is in the list”.
I bet you’ve also heard the update that actually “the money is in your relationship with your list”.

As an experienced email marketer myself, and having helped countless others with their email marketing, I can tell you that all marketing – not just email – is about relationship!

Our email marketing service will NOT replace any selling you are doing now. Quite the opposite. Our service is a content marketing service that will dramatically enhance your relationship with your list, allowing you to sell more and, very likely, sell more often.

The Changes We Will Make in Your Business

If you are selling via email now, what we do will enhance your open rates, your clickthrough rate, and your subscriber lifetime. Moreover, by feeding your subscribers recurring non-selling messages, you will see a decrease in complaints and an increase in positive reviews.
Finally, your selling messages will fall on more receptive ears, leading to far more efficient selling.

Here’s How We’ll Make That Happen

Reusing what we’re doing for you in service levels 1 and 2, we will compose and send one richly-formatted, mobile responsive email each week. This email will be 80% informational, but we will also include (in rotation) one of the top performing offers sourced from our level 2 service. Everything in this email will be tracked and performance reported every month.

This is the Highest Leverage Service of All

Email marketing really is the king of all marketing, but it depends on being successful at levels 1 and 2. We do have clients that were ready, and purchased, all three levels right away. Maybe you’re ready for that too, or not, all it takes is one 30 minute phone call to find out.



Ready to Grow?
Book a Free Consultation

To find out if we can help – and by how much – all it takes is a phone call. There’s no obligation at all, so the worst that happens is you get an outside view of your marketing from a veteran business owner. But I’m betting I can help your business like I have for (literally) thousands of others over 2 decades and counting.

Of course, prior to our call, I’ll do a rough SEO and social analysis of your site; your competition; and the overall market, but you still know your business and I don’t (yet), so you’ll be doing most of the talking. For me to get up to speed fast, I’ll be asking you LOTS of questions, and while every call is different, here’s more-or-less what we’ll talk about…

  • Your approximate revenue and margin
  • A rough idea of customer avatar
  • Your biggest marketing issues
  • Your goals for this year and beyond
  • My best recommendations

My goal for this call is to help you move toward your goals in any way I can.

  • Maybe the phone call is all I can do for you,
  • Maybe it’s all the help you need (that’s a win),
  • Maybe there’s someone else I know that can help you better than me (I know people), or
  • Maybe we both decide it’s time for us to work together.

I’m not a closer – I’m a consultant. I only accept clients when I am absolutely convinced we’ll create a home run for you.
If we’re not right for each other, we part friends, and you at the very least get an outside perspective – and who of us doesn’t need that!