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5 Tips to Revamp Your Social Media Strategy

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The backbone of digital PR, a social media strategy serves as a blueprint for a brand. One way to revamp a lagging strategy is to produce video content on platforms such as Twitter and TikTok. Video is booming, and so is e-commerce. Even small businesses benefit from having a digital storefront. Collaborations with other brands is another great social media strategy. Social media can also be effective at adding a personal touch. Customers like seeing the person behind the screen. A final way to boost your social media presence is by using memes. If they catch on, they will be shared by large audiences.

Key Takeaways:

  • More and more people are shopping online everyday and less are shopping in physical stores. Using a SMO will help get you into the online world.
  • Doing collaborations will help you more than you know. It brings in more customers to your specific business
  • Memes are a phenomenon that are bringing people to places you wouldn’t think. Using them will help bring in the younger audience.

“A social media strategy is like a blueprint for your brand. It answers what, when, how, and why for all the content you’re posting on your business’s various pages.”

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