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Bounce Rate: What Is It and What Is a Good Number? – Neil Patel

A bounce refers to an incident where someone visits a website and then leaves without any further interaction. The bounce rate therefore refers to the rate at which people just come and go from your site without interaction. Further interaction would be things like going to another page. If they go to see a second page of your site, they have not bounced. You can track not only the bounce rate of your site, but of sections or individual pages.

Key Takeaways:

  • You want a low bounce rate in general, but figuring out what is good is a bit more nuanced.
  • A bounce rate is defined as the number of people who find your page and leave without making at least one click.
  • The definition of a good bounce rate is complicated and depends on many different factors.

“This post will show you how to fully measure and analyze your bounce rate.”

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