Every hunter knows that luring the prey to the trap is just the beginning. Until the deed is done, dinner or the required trophy, is far from assured. Such is the case in marketing, albeit the prey is different and the outcome less drastic. Luring your interested consumer to your site with your SEO-created great SERPS results is a super plus for your business. Having a clean site with engaging content is very helpful too. But until your looker actually checks out, she is just that, no more than visitor number X. What you need is marketing that nudges your looker’s status from checking it all out to buying in with her actual wallet. The term is conversion marketing. The strategy for it must be consistent and strongly implemented. The idea is to prevent possible buyers from leaving without making a commitment. To do this, you need to get to know the steps the buyer takes and if possible cut them down to as few as possible. Consumers do not have a great deal of patience, particularly online customers. With today’s technology, the options are vast. The longer they linger without honing in on what they need, the greater the odds they will leave. So, streamline as much as possible. Your site should be easy and usable. If chat is required with an agent, it’s possible to make this happen at the search site. Saving the looker from the additional step of going to the home site will put your maybe-buyer in a better frame of mind to like you and your site. Anything that makes for convenience will pique your customer’s interest. Saved time is saved money. Create a realistic and achievable conversion goal for your business. If you consistently have about a 7% rate, go for a 2% increase and build logically and slowly overtime. Check each point of the sales funnel and optimize the effect of each. For example, are you gathering data at the onset of a customer landing on your site? Is your call to action clear? Have you updated the specs on your product? Should you include a video? Try things out. Check out the possible variables. Use metrics to get the intel and analyze. You can up your conversion rate!

Key Takeaways:

  • Conversion marketing is a way that you can reduce your drop off rate, which will help you grow in terms of conversions and sales.
  • Try to identify the steps that are involved for a customer to interact with your business, and then reduce those steps so they have a more simple process.
  • Set out goals and track your progress so you can figure out what you need to adjust in both the short and long term.

“In the above story, things went pretty smoothly, which is not the case in the real world.”

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