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Google News SEO Optimization 2023: A Publisher‘s Guide

As competitive as all industries are when it comes to SEO, news organizations are even more competitive, because of the constant influx of new news. This makes it very difficult to not only get to the number one spot in search rankings, but to stay there. The important thing is to optimize your site for Google News. Google News is a news aggregator. It consolidates the news from multiple sources. In the past, publishers had to submit all of their articles to Google, but that isn’t the case anymore.

Key Takeaways:

  • This post is about how to run a website that is based on the news
  • This post involves going over your specific focus that you have
  • It talks about being on top of the stories to stay up to date

“If you are running a news website, you probably know that your niche is one notch more competitive than any other industry, especially because hot news keeps pouring in almost every hour.”

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