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How To Combine SEO & PPC Keyword Strategies For More Effective ROI

Although some people think that SEO and PPC automatically work well together, they are often used separately depending on the type of strategy needed for their business. However, in order to optimize digital marketing budgets, marketers utilize both SEO and PPC together. You first need to understand how SEO fits into the larger context of your business. In order to combine SEO and PPC goals and keyword strategies, you need to build a communication plan prior to forming your next digital strategy.

Key Takeaways:

  • There are challenges between the search engine optimization and ppc depends
  • These challenges are with two different kinds of folks which are agencies and clients
  • The biggest problem is working together but also functionally at the same time

“There’s a common challenge that both agencies and clients face when it comes to SEO and PPC departments: cross-functional collaboration.”

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