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Secrets of marketing agency success

There are quite a few secrets of success when it comes to marketing agencies. For example, 2021 was a great year for marketers as they saw an average revenue growth of 54% and 95% of agencies met their revenue goals for the year. This also aligns with the expectation that 2022 will see more growth as well. CallRail has data that shows an expected revenue growth of 68% this year and also 85% of agencies are expected to hire new employees in 2022 as well.

Key Takeaways:

  • 83% of agencies reported they met their client growth goals in 2021 while 30% is the average amount of new clients gained.
  • 2022 is expected to see even more marketing growth as data shows an average of 68% expected revenue growth.
  • Revenue won’t be the only thing growing in the marketing industry as most agencies are expected to hire new employees as well.

“The study surveyed over 500 individuals employed full-time at U.S.-based marketing agencies to also determine how client expectations are projected to change in 2022 and which marketing trends agencies are currently implementing to bolster client acquisition.”

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