Google Search Console is a great way for find SEO data, and one of the best aspects of it is that it’s free. Even though it’s free, if you’re utilizing the data directly from the user interface, you’ll be limited to only 1,000 rows of the data. The issue here, is that you could have less than perfect accuracy and a lack of depth in the data. This becomes important if you’re running smaller tests.

Key Takeaways:

  • Most SEO’s are happy with having Google Search as part of their overall SEO arsenal.
  • Google Search Console is a great, and free source of SEO data.
  • With Google Search Console, you are limited to 1000 rows of data if you are using the data directly from the user interface.

“In this blog, we’ll cover tips and tricks to getting the most out of Google Search Console data when conducting time-based SEO tests.”

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