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Brand-New Isn’t Always Better: This Is Why You Need an Aged Domain

An aged domain can be extremely valuable and in some cases even better than a new domain. When you have an aged domain, your more likely to rank higher in SEO. This is because over time your domain has gained both authority and trust. As long as you have been putting out consistent, high quality content and getting positive feedback from your customers, you are at an advantage. Understand that building authority takes dedication and patience so make sure you are willing to adapt if necessary.

Key Takeaways:

  • Since search engines update their algorithms all the time, you need aged domains to help boost your authority.
  • Domains that are aged are more proven and this allows them to rank higher than newer sites.
  • Building authority takes time so make sure that you are willing to be patient but also able to adapt as well.

“A new startup’s best bet for success is to use an aged domain rather than a brand-new one.”

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