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Content Marketing: A Modern Guide – Copyblogger –

There are four forms of content marketing that are both interesting and useful to target audiences. These forms include audio, video, images, and written word. It is important to invest in content marketing because when it is done well brand equity is created from this content. A brand will become more valuable as time goes by as the creation of valuable content is continued. The main way that content delivers value to a business is by organic traffic, where people find out about you on search platforms such as YouTube or Google. Before creating a lot of content make sure to first determine who your customer is and figure out what type of information they require. Then, become a little artistic and choose how to communicate the information to your customers.

Key Takeaways:

  • This site talks about multiple topics including written and seen and listen to
  • They do these topics to give a variety of looks on what they do
  • These things they discuss are taken about on later in the article they made

“We mainly talk about writing, audio, and video here on Copyblogger, so we’ll go through each of those different kinds of content later in this post.”

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