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Why Content Is at the Center of Modern Customer Journeys

Many businesses are changing how they engage with customers, due to the current landscape of life but the ones who will be most successful are the ones who engage with their customers throughout their entire buying journey, and who are more innovative in their content. Many meetings that used to take place in person, are now taking place online. But it’s important that even if product demonstrations and the like are happening online, the quality of those demonstrations and the quality of service needs to remain high.

Key Takeaways:

  • For businesses that rely on being face to face with customers, a lot of the interaction still takes place online.
  • Content is the way that businesses try to show the great things about themselves to their customers.
  • Content being important has always been the case, but what is changing is how that content is disseminated.

“We know that content is king, but why is it especially so important for a modern customer journey?”

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