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Earned, owned, and shared content can also end up being paid content. These channels – Paid, earned, shared, and owned make up PESO. Paid, or P, is basically paying for visibility. Facebook and Outbrain are ways you can pay for visibility. One place where you can share content is Medium. Medium allows for a hybrid of contributions from all kinds of different viewpoints. YouTube is another example of where you can find shared content. LinkedIn Pulse is another.

Key Takeaways:

  • A good way to think of online marketing is through the PESO acronym which includes paid, earned, shared, and owned marketing types.
  • Earned media is like a long-term investment built on relationships with media and the community that has staying power for the brand.
  • Paid promotion on social media can quickly boost a brands profile well beyond simple organic growth.

“After all, there are a variety of strategies, tactics, and tools at your disposal.”

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