Backlinks are a great way to improve the rankings of your website. They also boost its credibility, which is important for any business. However, if you don’t execute this segment correctly, you can actually cause damage to those characteristics of your page. Not all backlinks are equal in their quality, so you should primarily focus on those that are impactful, such as relevant pages and those that are not sponsored. Digital public relations can greatly help you push the content to relevant and experienced publications and journalists.

Key Takeaways:

  • The backlinks that have the biggest impact are editorially earned and aren’t paid or sponsored either.
  • There are many examples of digital PR such as data driven studies as well as infographics and visuals.
  • Resource link building can involve many things such as resources, information and sites for various industries.

“If you follow the right formula to earn backlinks, you can massively improve your website’s rankings and authority.”

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