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Outgoing links: Are they beneficial for your site or not?

Not everyone agrees on the benefit of outgoing links on a website. According to Google, they don’t have any benefit or impact on ranking, but tests that have been done have shown that they do. Unlike with outgoing links, people do agree that incoming link are important. These are also referred to as backlinks. In terms of link, another term that we see, is Link schemes. Link schemes is the term for unnatural links that are meant to raise the chances of landing high organically in the rankings.

Key Takeaways:

  • People have varying opinions about whether outgoing links are good for a business.
  • When bad neighborhoods are spoken about, they are referring to things like websites that deal with adult subjects.
  • Paid links is the term that Google uses to describe what is normally referred to as text link ads

“Google dismisses the idea that outgoing links are considered a direct ranking signal – but tests have proven otherwise.”

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