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3 social media trends impacting marketing in 2022

Many new social media trends have now hit the marketing community. VR has upped the game, but so has QR codes. At one time, foreign to people, now a simple QR code can bring people into a whole new realm of immersed information for a company. There are also virtual tours. You can see for yourself the hotel room you may book, or an apartment you might rent. Influencers are also playing an important part of marketing. Once, a job no one heard of, and now a money maker. People like word of mouth marketing, and brand influencers have taken that up to a whole new level.

Key Takeaways:

  • Social media marketing isn’t new anymore. Businesses have been making it a relevant part of their marketing strategy for at least two decades.
  • Today, however, due to the pandemic and trends in technology, the strategies have that work best have changed.
  • Today, new technologies, such as augmented reality, make virtual tours of retail and other venues a real possibility.

“Unfortunately, traditional methods of social media analysis are no longer working.”

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