There are many trends that companies go by. It can be very hard to find out what trend is going to be the best one to follow. One thing to note is that the trends all follow the same themes. Distraction, information, their values, and investing into them. Using your brand to set a good example like fundraising or social equality is a big trend that many of the bigger companies have been doing recently.

Key Takeaways:

  • Today, data shows that more than half of the globe’s total population makes use of social media.
  • Moreover, the numbers keep growing. Within the first few months of the new year, as many as 400 million new uses signed on.
  • An important trend to watch for in 2022, brands get on board social causes and boost environmental issues to aid brand recognition and loyalty by pulling buyer heartstrings.

“This article looks at the top 5 social media marketing trends recommended by experts in the field.”

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