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5 Trends to Double-Tap on ?in 2022 | PPC Hero

PPC is already an emerging trend because of how cost effective and easy it can be. Some trends that you should be getting into is short videos. Tik Tok has shown that there is more interest in videos that are shorter and get to the point immediately. Another trend is have video content that is tied to successful stories. This helps show that the product you are selling is a good one that people will enjoy using.

Key Takeaways:

  • The use of short videos is something that more businesses are using.
  • Using story driven content helps sell the product your are selling.
  • Side channels for support and other similar channels are a growing trend.

“Whether it’s dance videos, tutorials, motion graphics, storytelling, short-form video is much more digestible to consume and reduces the sense of commitment a user may feel when pressing play.”

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