Over the past two decades, marketers have been primarily focused on traditional SEO strategies such as keyword optimization and analytical software. In 2022, most and more experts are looking into disruptive campaigns that are proven to boost traffic and conversation rates. An example of a company that took heed of this disruptive tactic are Facebook with their Metaverse. One reason why these disruptive strategies are proving to be more successful is because of how technologically inclined Gen Z consumers are.

Key Takeaways:

  • With all of the messages that we are constantly exposed to, if there is one that we don’t see as relevant to ourselves, we just dismiss it out of hand.
  • Some of the new concepts that have come up in the current time frame, such as NFTs, have altered marketing.
  • It has been shown that almost ninety percent of Americans are looking to do business with brands that they see going out of their way to exceed expectations.

“In today’s distraction-filled, ever-changing landscape, a customer’s attention is harder to come by than ever before.”

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