Now that you are a professional in SEO, you can now teach people how to do their own, or even have them pay you to do theirs. If you are helping others out with their SEO you should do some of the following things. Research and create a plan before you even start. Next up, you must make sure that you create a good structure and foundation. Then comes the optimization plan and creating links.

Key Takeaways:

  • In SEO, you research keywords, select a keyword, write content around that keyword, then share the content on social media.
  • In SEO copywriting, it is important to craft a strong headline that attracts attention.
  • Keyword density is important, but keyword stuffing (i.e., overusing keywords) should be avoided,

“Though SEO may sound complicated, it’s easier than you think; especially if you understand that writing for people, and not search engines, is a best practice.”

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