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How to Tie Google Analytics into Your PPC Strategy

There are many ways to maintain balance in regards to streamlining analytic efforts and making sure you are utilizing tools to your maximum potential. By using several Google Analytics features, you can improve your PPC strategy. For instance, by using real-time reports you can ensure the correct setup of goals and events. Also, this application allows you to find out which channels are the most effective with conversions. Furthermore, Google Analytics aids in finding the best audiences for your product and helps identify similarities in users who are not performing well so that these people can be excluded from your campaign.

Key Takeaways:

  • In order to improve your PPC strategy, make sure to utilize Google Analytics.
  • Use real-time reports prior to starting your PPC campaign to ensure the proper set up of goals and events.
  • In order to analyze changes on your website, utilize custom alerts and annotations.

“Google Analytics is an extremely powerful platform for marketers, but with the wealth of features it provides, it’s easy to overlook what’s really important.”

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