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SEO vs. PPC – Why You Should Track Both – AgencyAnalytics

There have consistently been debates over whether SEO or PPC is better. And while people will continue to debate it, in actuality, there can be benefit by using them together. For example, if you track the organic rankings for the PPC keywords, it helps to figure out which keywords are the ones that are worth targeting. Another thing that is important to remember, is that the click through rates on organic results are higher than the click through rates on paid ads.

Key Takeaways:

  • People always argue about whether SEO or PPC is more important, but in reality, it is best when they both are used.
  • If you keep an eye on both SEO and PPC, you can deduce which keywords you should be focusing on.
  • When a company is able to rank first for both paid and organic results, they will ultimately get almost half of the click thrus on that keyword to their website.

“Every few years, the debate over SEO vs. PPC resurfaces, and it seems to be back again. Which one is better? Should you focus on organic search, PPC, or both? Having worked in the search marketing world for well over a decade, I have seen this argument take many forms, and most of the time they miss the point. It’s not about which is better, it’s about how to use them both to drive exponential growth.”

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