A common question often asked is whether or not SEO or PPC would provide better benefits for your business. There are pros and cons associated with both and sometimes it works best when the two are integrated and aligned strategically. SEO can aid in improving organic traffic and PPC can help with laser-targeted visibility. So, a business’s unique situation should be taken into account when considering which approach to take. Ideally, if you can get PPC and SEO to work together, you will see optimal results that are greater than just using one of these methods.

Key Takeaways:

  • There is no one blanket answer as to whether SEO or PPC is better for your business.
  • For new businesses, using paid SEO, or PPC, is a way for them to get better results, faster.
  • When a company ranks high in search results organically, some consumers see this as a sign of credibility for a company.

“Certainly, we are big on search engine optimization (SEO) at Bowler Hat. My experience in this industry over nearly 17 years shows me that when done well, organic search delivers more volume at a better cost per lead than paid search.”

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